The ambience and infrastructure are very child friendly. Uniheights focuses more on the individual development of each child, through the play way method.


To reach heights, start your step with Uniheights. It is always better to start with small steps. I recommend Uniheights, as it is the only place where a child can feel comfortable while learning and playing. From being a shy child with no vocabulary, Praniti has evolved a lot with Uniheights. Uniheights imparts values in children along with the adequate fun that a child should have at this age. Uniheights focuses on each student, and provides parents a hands-on idea of what is happening inside the classroom.


When I was searching for a good school for my daughter, I was looking for a warm and welcoming place with professionally trained teachers (with good communication skills). When I heard about Uniheights, I immediately stepped out to check out the school. As I walked in, I was greeted with welcoming smiles, warmth, and the gracious hospitality of the staff. They made me and my daughters feel welcome and special. The place is filled with a lot of eye catchy things to the extent that me and my daughter had a tough time deciding what to look at. Every room had a personal touch to it. Every morning I am happy to see the enthusiasm in my daughter towards school, which is a testament to the care and devotion shown to my child by Uniheights. The genuine love, affection, and concern that the teachers show towards the children at Uniheights truly makes it a child’s second home.